We're a company based out of Miami Florida in which we brand and distribute essential and designer scented body oils. What makes our brand special and unique is the fact that our oils contain no animal by products, no water and no alcohol. We strongly believe that the owners of these multi-million dollar corporations have been over charging the general public for years when it comes to purchasing perfume products. Paying top dollars for a cool looking bottle with a designer name on it, is pretty much what most people have been paying for. 

In 2004 we found that to be pretty disturbing and pretty unfair for consumers to be paying high prices in-order to smell good. Fortunately we stumbled onto a better alternative which provides consumers better results at affordable cost. When you compare essential and designer type oils against commercialized industry perfumes. Statistics prove that body oils are more beneficial than those expensive water downed perfumes. For example essential oils have healing agents that are naturally blended for the purposes of healing and moisturizing the human skin. Designer type oils are not 100% natural because other (non harmful) agents have to be inserted into the blend in order to create any and all designer scented fragrances.

What started as a hobby was slowly transiting into a business as time went on. Due to the positive feedback coming from our customers and clients naturally we found ourselves promoting, marketing, and selling body oils throughout the city of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Church bazaars, clubs, local college campuses, barbershops, beauty salons, thrift shops, gift shops, smoke shops, hotels, spa's and fitness gyms became our target of interest. Two years later in 2006, we decided to incorporated Eclypse LLC as a business. So from 2006-2017 we've took it a few steps further and organized small distribution rings within certain cities here in the United States, a few countries in Europe and Caribbean Islands. With Eclypse Body Oils "Life Smells Better Than Before..!"